Certified Data Analyst

Jobs are READILY available GLOBALLY if you are a Data Analyst or Big Data Scientist.



This course is to help trainees to become a successful Data Analyst and it is for those just starting their career in Analytics. It will teach you how to make powerful Repots, dashboards, VBA-macros, MS Access and SQL along with a strong focus on case studies to ensure hands-on learning. Once armed with the analytics, you will also learn the powerful Data visualization tool Tableau to bring more interactive and slice and dice features to your analysis.
Who Should do this course?
This course is a foundation to anyone who aspires to get into the field of analytics. This course will intoduce students to the field of Data Visualization. Students will learn visulization design & evaluation principles, and learn how to extratct and analyze datasets.
Students (Grad & Post Grad) and Professionals like Analytics consultants, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientist, IT/Software Professionals, Project managers, BI & Data House professionals, statisticians.
Course Highlights
    The certified Data Analyst program covers following modules

  • Exploratory Data Analysis using Excel
  • Visual analytics using Excel
  • Automation of regular tasks using Excel-VBA
  • Data Base Management (MS-Access/SQL)
  • Visual Analytics using Tableau
Basic computer literacy and knowledge of basic excel would be an advantage.
Clear understanding of Data analytics and how to manage & visualize the data. All the modules structured using real time/industry relevant data sets to enhance their analytics capabilities and problem solving abilities.

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