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Our courses are available for individuals with various backgrounds to help them propel their career into analytics.

Basic Courses

Data Analytics & Visualization Using Excel – Tableau

Course Id – DBAL-101
Duration – 32 Hours

The course will introduce students to the field of Data Visualization. Students will learn visulization design & evaluation principles, and learn how to extract and analyze datasets.

Business Analytics Using SPSS

Course Id – DBAL-102
Duration – 32 Hours

SPSS is most widely used tool in the field of Quantitative market research. This course encompasses basic statistical concepts to advanced analytics and predictive modeling techniques.

Intermediate Courses

Certified Base SAS Programmer

Course Id – DBAL-103
Duration – 32 Hours

The SAS Base Programmer course in a beginner level course for a SAS professional. This training has been designed to enable you to start your analytics career with SAS and prepare for the SAS Base Programmer certification.

Data Science Using SAS

Course Id – DBAL-104
Duration – 32 Hours

Starting from the basics of both SAS and Data Science (Introduction to SAS programming, Data importing, data manipulation,

Data Science Using R & Python

Course Id – DBAL-105

Duration – 64 Hours

As the popularity of R and Python is increasing steadily, learn how these languages can be used to carry out advance analytics.

Advance Courses

Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop & Spark

Course Id – DBAL-106
Duration – 48 Hours

In this Big Data training attendees will gain practical skill set on Hadoop in detail, including its core and eco system components.

Advanced Data Science Using R-Python-Spark

Course Id – DBAL-107
Duration – 16 Hours

Advanced Data Science courses will cover the Advanced Analytical and Machine learning techniques using most popular tools in the analytics Industry like R, Python and Spark.

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