COURSE ID – DBAL-106     DURATION – 16 Hours

Program Objective
Advanced Data Science course will cover the Advanced Analytical and Machine learning techniques using most popular tools in the analytics industry like R, Python and Spark. This course focuses on case study approach for learning and is a great blend of analytics and technology, making it apt for aspirants who want to develop advanced data science skills. Candidates will be awarded Advance Data Science Certification on successful completion of projects that are provided as part of the training.
After the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to integrate R & Spark and Python & Spark.
  • Understand the concept of machine learning & How it is different from traditional learning.
  • Work on Advanced Analytical & Machine learning techniques using Python – R – Spark libraries.
  • Work on real time analytics using R-Python-Spark.
  • Learn large scale data processing.
Who Should do this course?
The course is designed for all those who want to learn advanced analytical/ machine learning techniques with implementation in R-python-spark, and wish to apply these techniques on Big data and large scale data processing
The Professionals like Analytics consultants, Data Analysts, IT/Software Professionals, R/Python/Spark Professionals, Data/Big Data engineers, statisticians.
Pre-requisites for learning Advanced Data science is knowledge on R, Python and spark exposure to statistics (or) should complete alab’s “Big Data using Hadoop – Spark” and “Data Science using R-Python” trainings.
Modules & Topics


  • Working with Spark.


  • Working with Python.


  • Working with R.

R-Python-Spark: Machine Learning

  • Spark: Machine Learning -Predictive Modeling – Basics
  • Spark: Machine Learning in Practice

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